What is the difference between the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology and CELTA?CELTA is a teaching qualification for teachers with...

What is the difference between the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology and CELTA?
CELTA is a teaching qualification for teachers with little or no experience, seen as a benchmark for teaching quality and widely recognised internationally. It is a 4-week intensive course involving 6 hours of teaching practice, and 4 written assignments as its main components.

The IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology is course for experienced teachers who are keen to develop professionally, and/or who are preparing to do the DELTA course. There is no teaching practice, but teachers will be expected to do a lot of background reading and to do homework tasks and research involving their regular timetable of classes in their respective institutions.

Can I do the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology if I haven’t done the CELTA?
Yes, though the design of the course and its tasks assumes its participants have some type of preliminary training qualification.
Can I do the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology if I’m not teaching at the moment?
This would be quite difficult, because of the homework tasks which require application and experimentation with your existing learners.
How much time do I have to commit to doing the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology course?
There will be 20 occasions when we will meet for 90 minutes (on a Wednesday), but you should expect to spend an average of 3 hours outside of that to do background reading and the homework tasks.
Will I have to buy a course textbook?
There is no course textbook. As we run DELTAs regularly at IH Bangkok, we have a library of background reading that you will have access to during the IH CAM course.
Is it possible to do the course online?
Yes. Go to the IHWO website for more information.
I don’t have any teaching experience. Is that a problem?
Unfortunately, it is. As the course is an advanced methodology course, it is designed for post-qualification teachers with some experience behind them, as well as an existing teaching timetable. If you don’t have any experience then we would recommend taking the CELTA with us first.
I’m not a native speaker. Is that a problem?
No. The course is open to non-native speakers. However, all candidates should have a minimum English language level of C1 (Advanced) on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. No formal academic requirements are set, but you must demonstrate in your application and in your interview that you have sufficient competence in both spoken and written English to cope with the demands of the course.
Do I need to have an interview?
Yes. After you have submitted a completed application form, we will get in touch with you to arrange a phone, Skype or face-to-face interview prior to your acceptance on the course.
Who runs the course?
Our trainers are DELTA-qualified, with many years of teaching and training experience in various countries and contexts.
What areas of language teaching will we cover?
The IH CAM course has six strands covering a breadth of pedagogy, in the areas of CELTA-revision, Teaching and Learning, Study Skills, Skills, Language and Materials, and Theory.

These focus on subjects such as Lesson Frameworks, Focus on Learners, Testing, Speaking and Spoken Interaction, Discourse Analysis, Phonology, and Theories of Learning among many others.

What are the possible final grades?
Distinction, Pass and Fail. Assessment is based on completion of course work and a minimum of 15 homework tasks as well as the final assignment. Candidates’ completed portfolios are moderated by the International House World Organisation Assessment Unit and Cambridge English Language Assessment.
Assuming I pass, what will I receive?
Approximately a month after the course ends, you will receive two certificates. The first is issued by International House World Organisation and Cambridge English Language Assessment with dates of attendance and your final grade. The second is an IH Bangkok certificate with a report on your performance and potential for development.
Where is the qualification recognised?
The International House World Organisation is one of the largest and oldest groups of premier language schools in the world. In the last 60 years International House has grown and it now has members in over 150 members in 50 countries spanning every continent. As only schools that meet International House’s exceptional quality standards are allowed to join the prestigious IH network, its members have a reputation for high teaching and training standards. International House can boast that it wrote the number one TEFL teacher training course in the world, the Cambridge CELTA course. International House luminaries include Jeremy Harmer, Adrian Underhill, the late John Soars and his wife, Liz, authors of the Headway Series, one of the best-selling course books in the industry, as well as authors of some of the world’s most respected and popular EFL course books, such as Cutting Edge, Language To Go and Natural Grammar to name but a few. As a result of this, with each being assessed by International House and moderated by Cambridge, the IH CAM standard is recognised across the globe.
How much time do I have to commit to doing the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology course?
The face to face sessions are run over 5 days, Monday to Friday. In the evenings you will be required to do so background reading, When the face to face sessions are finished you will have 6 weeks to go back to your school in order to complete the series of homework tasks and reflective assignment.
Any questions unanswered?
Then contact us at e-mail: [email protected]