Course Content

If you are a teacher of English who has a teaching qualification and has been teaching for several years, and would like to develop professionally and/or are considering doing the DELTA, the International House’s Certificate in Advanced Methodology (CAM) will provide the high level of methodological input for you to refresh and build on your teaching knowledge and skills. This course will suit teachers who want a sustained learning environment woven into their full-time working timetables in Bangkok.


On successful completion of the International House Certificate in Advanced Methodology course, trainees will be awarded a teaching certificate which is not only recognized by every International House school across the world but also by Cambridge English Language Assessment who moderate the course. All certificates will come with both the International House and the Cambridge logo.


Course objectives

The IH CAM course is designed to

  • Develop teachers’ theoretical knowledge of teaching and so make them more informed practitioners.
  • Develop teachers’ practical teaching ability and self-analytical skills to make them more reflective practitioners.
  • (For pre-Diploma candidates) Raise teachers’ awareness of what they can expect from a Diploma-level course and explicitly prepare them to take one.

The focus of the course is General English to adults.


At the end of a 20-week IH CAM course, participants will have:

  • Attended and participated in 30 hours of trainer input sessions for subject knowledge and teaching methodology, covering topics such as theories of language learning, language learners, skills and systems.
  • Completed pre- and post-session background reading of methodology books, articles and web-based research.
  • Implemented and experimented with methodology and materials design in their respective classroom contexts.
  • Completed a minimum of 15 out of the 20 homework tasks, including the compulsory tasks.
  • Completed a reflective essay at the end of the course of 1500-2000 words.
  • Observed peers or academic managers.


Mode of assessment

The certificate is awarded to teachers who have followed and contributed to the CAM course programme and satisfactorily completed the assessed portfolio (a collection of homework tasks and a final assignment).


There is no grading of coursework but participants should fulfill the assessment criteria, which is moderated by the Assessment Unit of International House World Organisation.


Contact hours

We will meet every Wednesday at our Bangkok premises from 17.00-18.30 for 20 weeks beginning the start dates indicated, with some days missed out due to public holidays.

See Training Course Dates to find out when the next course starts.