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Intro to Young Learners - Course Content   As you may know, the CELTA course is aimed primarily at teaching...

Intro to Young Learners – Course Content


As you may know, the CELTA course is aimed primarily at teaching adults. If you are about to go into the energetic world of teaching YLs (younger learners) you need to be equipped with a teaching toolbox of techniques, ideas and activities to make the lessons as rewarding as possible.

This two-day introduction course offers CPs (course participants) a clear structure of how to manage the YL classroom, set up activities, teach new language, develop skills and deal with common problems.  Every session is extremely practical with CPs receiving session notes and activities to take-away.

The sessions include

  1. Classroom management: This session gives CPs (course participants) a clear structure of how to manage YLs classes in terms of instructing, setting up activities and importantly setting routines, which are all essential for any activity and ultimately a lesson to be successful.
  2. Teaching grammar: Teaching grammar to adults and YLs is very different and it is one area that many teachers struggle with. Therefore in this session we look at effective methods of conveying meaning, covering form and dealing with pronunciation.
  3. Vocabulary games: Teaching vocabulary is part of teaching YLs that allows the teacher to use a lot of fun and meaningful games and activities. This extremely practical session gives CPs a handy tool-box of low-prep activities to use with different ages.
  4. Speaking activities: Unlike adults who are motivated to speak and use English, YLs tend not to speak in English for the sake of it. This means that a good YL teacher needs a lot of strategies and techniques to not only motivate YLs to speak in English but also to develop their speaking skills. This sessions looks at the necessary skills needed and also provides CPs with useful ideas for speaking activities.
  5. Using songs and stories: Nowadays most course-books are filled with a song and a couple of stories in every unit. Therefore in order to make the most of them, teachers need to know how to exploit them, provide variety and adapt them for different levels and learning preferences.  Again CPs will find this session extremely practical with lots of engaging ideas.
  6. Dealing with problems: This session looks at how to deal with a variety of difficult situations that YL teachers face. CPs will get ideas on how on how to handle disruptive students, bored teenagers, shy students, the dreaded pushy parents and more.



Mode of assessment


The certificate is awarded to participants who have followed the course, with no grading of coursework.



Contact hours


This is a two-day course, from 9:00-15:00 at our Bangkok or Chiang Mai premises. These are run on a Monday and Tuesday before or after a CELTA course.

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