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The Cambridge CELTA Online 2020 Get CELTA Qualified from the Comfort of HomeInternational House Bangkok and Chiang Mai is pleased...

The Cambridge CELTA Online 2020

Get CELTA Qualified from the Comfort of Home

International House Bangkok and Chiang Mai is pleased to offer this limited opportunity to become fully CELTA qualified in 4 weeks with the CELTA online!  This is a 100% online CELTA course with even more contact time on screen with your trainers than you would have on a normal face to face CELTA course – and the certificate is exactly the same.

The online CELTA offers the same content in terms of methodology, lesson frameworks and teaching techniques that you would expect on a face to face course. The only difference is that it’s delivered online in the comfort of your living room! Available in both full-time (4-week) or part-time (10-week) options.

The Online CELTA Course:

Take part in 120 hours of input, observations and teaching practice over the 4-week, full-time course.

Teach 8 lessons online to group classes, using a variety of teaching techniques and lesson frameworks.

Participate in interactive input sessions, covering topics essential to both face to face teaching and online teaching.

Receive training from a permanent team of Delta qualified, specialist Cambridge CELTA teacher trainers with many years’ experience.

At the end trainees receive a full Cambridge CELTA certificate, identical to what you would get on a regular face-to-face CELTA course.

Have access to a range of teaching videos, tutorials and reference material for you to refer to at your leisure over the duration of the course.

Study 09:00 to 17:30 Thai time (Monday to Friday) with your trainers and peers throughout the day so you will always be able to ask questions, seek clarification and get lots of practical ideas and advice from your trainers.

Ready to take the CELTA?

Why IH Bangkok and Chiang Mai?

Train with the Best

We are the largest CELTA centre in the world with over 500 trainees every year

-$50 with a Friend

Both receive a $50 discount on course fees if you join the online course together

Free 2-Day Course

Free 2-Day Intro to Young Learners Course with every online CELTA

Highly Qualified Training Team

We hire only full-time trainers who have Cambridge Deltas and years of experience.

50% off Grammar Refresher Course

Receive 50% discount on our popular Grammar Refresher 2-day Course

Custom Made Online Course

Receive access to our custom made Moodle course from our highly qualified training team

CELTA Online Dates

2020 Full-Time (4-week) CELTA Dates:

October 12th – November 6th

November 16th – December 11th

2020 Part-Time (10-week) CELTA Dates:

October 31st – January 10th

December 12th – February 21st

For more information about the part-time CELTA, please click here.

How to apply?

Frequently asked questions

Will my CELTA Certificate show that the course was taken online?

No – the certificate will be the exact same as the face to face course.

What applications or programs are required for the course?

You just need a laptop or desktop computer with internet, and we have everything else. We will give you a link to the Zoom account and we will give you access to our custom made Moodle course (both can be accessed from a web browser so you do not need to download the application if you don’t want to).

What are the IT Requirements?

  • A laptop or desktop computer with a webcam and microphone
  • A recommended internet speed of 5 Mbps or a minimum of 600kbps

What is the free 2-day Intro to Young Learners Course?

Although the CELTA course trains you to teach both adults and kids, this course is designed to offer tips, tricks, and methodology for the sometimes difficult task of teaching young learners. For more information on the 2-day course, please click here.

What is the difference between the face to face and online CELTA course?

As mentioned above, the certificates are the same. The location is different as the online course can be taken from anywhere with access to the internet. However, the online CELTA course also has more “face time” with your trainer when compared with the face to face course. The content, methodology, training etc are all the same for both courses.

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You can send us a message or contact us at [email protected] with any questions.

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