Teaching Adult Learners Foundation Course

What is the Teaching Adult Learners Foundation (TALF) Course? This is a course aimed at inexperienced teachers or predominantly young...

What is the Teaching Adult Learners Foundation (TALF) Course?

This is a course aimed at inexperienced teachers or predominantly young learner teachers who want to broaden their teaching skills for an adult learner context.  It’s a practical course that focuses on developing the teachers’ lesson planning and classroom skills in order to successfully deliver effective lessons for adult learners.  The course aims to give teachers clear lesson frameworks in which to plan their lessons and to enhance their teaching toolbox with useful techniques along with a range of engaging activities.

This is a face to face course that includes input sessions, assisted lesson planning, teaching practice and developmental feedback, focusing on how to improve rather than to meet a set standard. The course runs from 09:00 in the morning to around 17:00 with lesson planning to be completed in the evening and weekends.


Course Content


This practical course is comprised of:

  • 20 x 90 minute input sessions covering key areas of YL teaching.
  • 3 hours (4 lessons x 45 minutes) of observed teaching with actual students.
  • 6 hours of assisted lesson planning.
  • 6 hours of developmental feedback.
  • Writing 4 lesson plans after course hours.


What are the Benefits of the TALF Course?


On completing the TALF Course, teachers can show that they:

  • have developed their understanding of, and ability to respond to, the specific needs of adult learners.
  • have extended the range of approaches for developing their learners’ language skills.
  • have become more aware of ways to make effective use of resources to support learning in the classroom.


Reasons to Choose TALF Course:


  • ideal for new teachers or inexperienced YL teachers who want training in an adult context without the pressure of passing or failing.
  • developmental feedback that gives clear and concrete strategies on how to improve.
  • practical input sessions that focuses on ‘doing it’ rather than ‘talking about it’.
  • course participants leave with a clear and actionable plan to continue their development after the course.
  • provides a solid grounding for those that may consider taking the more rigorous CELTA course in the future.


Who Can Apply for the TALF Course?


The course is open to any new or inexperienced adult learner teachers with a B2+ level of English.


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