Study Holiday Student Focus

The International House Study Holiday Thailand programme runs throughout the year, and attracts students from across the globe. We also...
The International House Study Holiday Thailand programme runs throughout the year, and attracts students from across the globe. We also welcome any Thai students who want to take part. Every month we will introduce some of our Study Holiday students here on the blog, and they will tell us a little about themselves and their experience as English language learners.

This month we asked two students a few questions. The first, Caroline, is from France. Caroline started at IH at Intermediate level and made great progress, completing Upper Intermediate level before returning to France for Christmas.

Caroline enjoyed her time in Thailand, “Thai people are nice, always smiling, and helpful,” she says. She highly recommends others come to Thailand, saying it has “amazing islands, beaches, lots of nice trekking, interesting culture and architecture”, Caroline also definitely recommends the food!

On her study experience at IH, Caroline says she learned how important it is for everyone to learn English, pointing out that she studied with people from Germany, Spain, France, Korea, Taiwan and Poland during her time at the school. Judging her own progress, Caroline says her understanding and speaking have really improved (and we completely agree!). When we asked Caroline why she wanted to improve her English, she told us she felt speaking English is essential nowadays and can improve your position in your job and is indispensable when it comes to travelling.

Caroline is very enthusiastic about travel; “It permits you to open your mind,” she says, and, “to learn about new cultures.” One culture Caroline expressed interest in was Japan, when asked what other language (if any) she would consider learning, she told us she would choose Japanese or German. While we don’t know how good Caroline is with Japanese or German, we are happy to say she has become a very efficient speaker of English!

The second student we asked a few questions to this month is Angel. Angel is from Thailand and joined the Study Holiday programme to improve her English for her job. Angel has studied with us at IH for 11 weeks in total and began her studies at Elementary level. Now however she is progressing well as a Pre-Intermediate level student! We are all very pleased with the massive improvements Angel has made here at IH.

Outside the classroom Angel enjoys having fun with friends and going for drinks. She is also a fan of old British bands and likes to watch live music. As she told us, Angel wants to improve her English to help with her job. Angel generally likes to do any job that involves dealing with the public, such as in a hotel, spa or massage company, and she knows that good English would be of use in all those jobs.

As a Thai national, we asked Angel to tell us which island is her favourite in Thailand; she recommended Pipi Island. According to Angel, Pipi Island is perfect for relaxing and swimming. When asked which country Angel herself would like to travel to, we were pleased to hear her say England! In particular, Angel would like to visit London and Liverpool. Speaking of travelling, we asked Angel what three items she couldn’t travel without, apart from a passport and phone of course. Clothes, shoes and make up, she told us. We’re glad to see Angel has the most important things in order!

We wish both Caroline and Angel the best of luck in the future!