Food Options around the School

If you’re coming to study with us, chances are you’ll want to eat nearby the school sometime. Whether for breakfast,...
Food Options around the School

If you’re coming to study with us, chances are you’ll want to eat nearby the school sometime. Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a quick snack between classes, the area surrounding International House has numerous meal options.

Street Food

If you’re on a budget, short on time, or just enjoy eating Thai food in the open air, Silom has many street food options for you to indulge in. The closest are Convent Street and Thaniya Street, each of which offer their own variety. Thaniya, directly below the school and overlooked by Sala Daeng Station, is the hub of Japanese foreign business in Bangkok. Off two of the side streets here you can find an outdoor food court with options stemming from soups and noodle dishes to regular rice, meat, and veggie dishes. Vendors also stock cold drinks for about 10 Baht. A full meal here will cost as little as 30 Baht (no drink) to 60 Baht.

Convent Street is your other nearby street food option. It’s located on the far side of Silom Road from IH, so it’ll take a couple minutes longer to walk there. But Convent Street’s variety surpasses Thaniya by a fair margin, so you’ll want to check it out. Included here, in addition to the options mentioned above, you can find spicy chicken and rice bowls (IH Teachers’ favourite!), bags of fruit for 20 Baht apiece, chicken and rice dishes, jackfruit carts, and skewers of meat with sticky rice. Convent Street’s options are generally a bit more expensive than Thaniya but still very reasonable. A meal here will not cost more than 70 Baht, even with a drink.

As a bonus, if you come outside of the rainy season you will be able to experience Silom’s street market every Sunday evening. You’ll find a multitude of new street food options spread among dozens of other vendors selling clothes, electronics, and more!

Fast Food

Silom also has several fast food options if you’re in a hurry or want something familiar. In the same building as IH you’ll find KFC, Subway, and Pizza Hut. Down the street in either direction are McDonalds and Burger King. Most fast food venues carry the same menu as in the rest of the world, but some offer more affordable Thailand-only options. McDonalds is a great option, actually, as you can order rice and meat dishes prepared in the Thai style for only 60 Baht. Pay for it with your skytrain card and get an extra 20% off! It’s a fine option, especially at the end of the day when you just want to relax under some air-conditioning.

Non-chain Restaurants

Class has ended for the day and now you’re looking for a restaurant where you can sit down with your classmates, relax, and chat. You don’t want to go to Burger King! So check out a few of these non-chain restaurant options.

First, in the same building as IH, La Beirut is a delicious and affordable option for partaking in some Lebanese Cuisine. This is also a favourite of the IH teaching staff. Prices here range from 80 Baht for a simple wrap of falafel up to about 300 Baht if you’d like to enjoy a platter of grilled meat and vegetables.

Next door to IH is the popular Irish pub, Flann O’Briens. Flann’s serves typical pub food from the UK, including Shepherd’s Pie and Fish & Chips, among others. This is also a great place to unwind with a pint of beer, only 100 Baht prior to 8:00, and play pool or darts in the upstairs area.

The Smoking Pug has routinely been ranked in the top 5 restaurants in Bangkok on and currently sits at the number 6 position. This is an American Barbeque restaurant, located about a 5 or 6 minute walk from IH. This is paradise for meat lovers, with a menu full of rib options, burgers, chicken wings, and more. Not a cheap option, but you also won’t regret coming here one time to try it out. But call and reserve your spot early! This is a small and very popular restaurant! You won’t be able to walk up and eat without calling ahead first.

In addition to these options, there are two nearby supermarkets: Foodldand and Tops. Anything you can’t find on the street or in a restaurant, you should be able to find there. So don’t fret! You won’t starve when you come to study at IH Bangkok. If anything, you’ll have more options than you know how to handle!