Bangkok’s Parks

If the towering skyscrapers, busy streets, and never-ending excitement of Bangkok’s many restaurants, bars, and clubs have got you yearning...
Bangkok’s Parks

If the towering skyscrapers, busy streets, and never-ending excitement of Bangkok’s many restaurants, bars, and clubs have got you yearning for something a bit more quiet and peaceful, you’re in luck! Bangkok has a number of lovely parks, both large and small, that you can easily access through the city’s public transportation system. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few of the best ones!

Lumphini Park

Located less than a 10-minute walk down the street from International House is Bangkok’s largest and most popular park, Lumphini. A haven for joggers, cyclists, and yoga enthusiasts alike, Lumphini has more than enough space and shade for you to get in your daily exercise. On the other hand, if you’d rather relax than work, you can easily take a break by one of the park’s four beautiful man-made lakes. Last of all, Lumphini makes a pretty good date location, offering inexpensive boat rentals at many of the lakes, food stalls and restaurants on the outskirts, and photo-op locations scattered throughout. You can’t go wrong here!

Benjakitti Park

Arguably Bangkok’s most beautiful park, Benjakitti is also only a stone’s throw away from International House. The centre of this park is covered by an enormous man-made lake, which offers a beautiful reflection of the city that rises up powerfully behind it. If you enjoy photography, be sure to take a quick trip here and get a shot of the sunrise or sunset. It can be absolutely breathtaking! In addition to enjoying the view, visitors can also rent a bike to cycle around the lake, go for a jog around its 2 kilometre perimeter, or relax in the shade a bit farther back from the water.

Chatuchak Park

Chatuchak is farther away from International House than the other parks on this list (30 minutes by BTS Skytrain), but deserves a mention for the great activities it has to offer. Similar to Lumphini and Benjakitti, Chatuchak offers plentiful space to exercise and relax, but is the only park on the list with an outdoor market. And this is no normal outdoor market! Chatuchak Weekend Market is famous for being the largest outdoor market in Thailand, boasting over 8,000 individual stalls! Be careful… You might get lost in there! Plan to spend a full day at Chatuchak, wandering among the market stalls, whose merchandise ranges from clothes and food, all the way to oddities like pets, fish, furniture, and ceramics. When you finish your shopping adventure, relax by one of the lakes in the park until the sun sets and then walk over to JJ Green, Chatuchak’s nighttime market, eatery, and drinking scene.

Bangkok abounds in interesting and beautiful public parks. Many more did not make this list, but deserve a visit if you find yourself in their vicinity. Throughout the year, many of the parks hold running and cycling races, public aerobics classes, yoga, live music, and other performances. If you spend any time at all in Bangkok, it is worth taking a day or two to come and appreciate the scenery and activities in these locales. You won’t be disappointed!