Keeping Fit in Bangkok

Thinking about coming to Bangkok to study, but nervous that you'll fall out of your workout routine? Or maybe you've...
Keeping Fit in Bangkok
Thinking about coming to Bangkok to study, but nervous that you’ll fall out of your workout routine? Or maybe you’ve already signed-on for a course at International House Bangkok and you’re looking for another outlet to improve yourself. Thankfully, in Bangkok, there are numerous resources to stay fit. In this blog post we’ll explore some of the fitness options near the school, so you can find the best fit for you without the commute.

1)The frugal way

The cheapest way to keep fit near the school is undoubtedly at Lumphini Park. In addition to jogging around the perimeter of the park, a 2.5km loop, visitors can also go for a swim in the pool, join an evening aerobics or yoga class, sweat it out at one of the half-dozen outdoor gyms, play a sport on one of the many tennis or basketball courts, or pay a modest fee of 40 baht to lift weights in the youth centre. Additionally, cycling is permitted from 10.00 in the morning until 3.00 in the afternoon, when jogging traffic is at a minimum. The park is open from 4.30 am until 9.00 pm.

2) A gym like back home

Maybe the sweltering heat of Bangkok turns you off from working-out in the park. Don’t fret! There are many indoor gyms within walking distance of the school, so you can take a look and then take your pick. Clark Hatch Fitness, on nearby Thaniya Street, is only a 5-minute walk from the school. While it isn’t the cheapest option, you really get value for your money here. Membership includes access to the weight room and cardio area, yoga and step classes, the pool, and a fully-equipped Muay Thai centre, where you can train alongside Thais and foreigners alike.

Next, consider The Lab, a newer gym on the other side of the BTS tracks from International House. If group workout classes are your thing, you probably can’t find any place better than here. With over two dozen different classes at different times of the day, there are too many to list here. Tabata, Kettlebell Strength, Power Hour, Fighting Fit, Mobilize & Stretch are just a few. Enticing.

The last gym we’ll highlight here is the popular UK branch, Fitness First. Better outfitted and more spacious than any of the other gyms in the area, Fitness First is just a slightly longer walk away. Here you will find plentiful weights and machines, cardio equipment, yoga rooms, free coffee and tea, and, of course, more group classes. Fitness First also has locations throughout Bangkok, making it quite convenient to workout if you find yourself across town. And it offers an eight-day free trial! Of course, the price jumps-up a bit after that first fun free week, but perhaps it’ll be worth it for all that you’re getting.

3) Crossfit

One of the most popular fitness regimens as of late, Crossfit has also found its way to Bangkok. Crossfit gyms can be found across the city, with the closest being Crossfit Ten500, about 10 minutes from International House. It is a fully-equipped Crossfit gym, with plentiful equipment. Additionally, for visitors practicing barbell strength sports such as powerlifting and olympic weightlifting, this should also be near the top of your list for gyms in the area.

The list goes on for fitness options in Bangkok, but for those of you coming to study at International House, this should be a good starting-point in your search for that perfect place to exercise. Why not give it a shot?