Study Holiday Student Focus

Study Holiday Student Focus
This week we interviewed a current student, Angelique, so she could tell us about why she studies English, her experiences in doing so, and other things.

Angelique is from France but lives in Bangkok. She has been studying with us at IH for five months. She began at Pre-Intermediate level and is now making fantastic progress at Intermediate level. When we asked her why she wants to improve her English she told us, “Because I would like to communicate with other communities and I would like to find a job.”

As with many English language learners, it is the grammar that Angelique says she finds most difficult, along with asking questions. However, she enjoys speaking English and talking with her teachers. Speaking specifically about the teachers at IH, she expresses appreciation when, “They explain if I have a doubt about something.”

Angelique has been in Thailand for a long time and her favourite place is the Flower Market in Bangkok. We asked her if there was any other country she would like to live in: “If I could live in another country I choose Australia, because they have different seasons. They speak English and I could speak English every day.” We love Angelique’s passion when it comes to speaking English, and it certainly helps her improve in class. In fact, after asking her what other language she might like to learn Angelique said, “I don’t want to learn another language. My first priority is to speak English well.” Good luck to her we say!

As well as enjoying learning English and living in Thailand, Angelique also likes to travel. We asked her which three things she couldn’t travel without. Firstly, she says she couldn’t travel without her mobile phone; something I’m sure many of us might agree on. She also listed her glasses, and importantly she said, “I couldn’t travel without my mountains of suitcases!” No travelling light for Angelique!

One of the final questions was ‘What would you be if you were famous?’ Angelique said she is happy as she is, but if she was famous she would like to be a singer.

Finally, Angelique said she would recommend anyone to study English in Thailand. We think Angelique’s enthusiasm for language learning is an inspiration to others who may be considering studying in the future. All of us at International House Bangkok are very happy with the amazing progress Angelique has made at our school, and look forward to her going even further in the future!