Meet the IH Bangkok Staff

Management Team

Daniel Willcocks

Managing Director/Teacher

  • B.A. Business Studies – Swansea, UK
  • M.A. Applied Linguistics – Birmingham, UK
  • Cambridge CELTA – Paignton, Devon, UK
  • Cambridge DELTA – Cambridge, UK
  • Cambridge CELTA Trainer approval, Cambridge UK
  • Cambridge English Language Assessment Team Leader, Thailand
  • IELTS Examiner


My name is Danny, I am the Managing Director at International House Bangkok, and I spend my time setting up courses and programmes and taking care of the day to day running of the school. However, I am a teacher at heart, teaching all ages as much as I can and I also enjoy training teachers on our Cambridge CELTA courses whenever needed. I have been a teacher for over 25 years in total in the UK, Italy and Thailand. In Thailand I have enjoyed teaching students from prestigious international schools and here happily with IH Bangkok for more than 17 years. In fact I liked it so much that I got married and my daughter, Jasmine, comes to IH to study English for Young Learners courses as well.

I have prided myself on successfully teaching students for exams whilst at the same time having fun. We have had a 100% pass rate for Cambridge English Language Assessment (CELA) main suite exams including KET, PET and FCE in many, many exam sessions and also helped international school students get ‘A’s for many subjects including IGCSE English, IGCSE ESL and IGCSE business studies – I leave the other IGCSE subjects to IH Bangkok teachers who know better. I have also been very fortunate to teach a lot of talented students from Thai schools who have gone on to get the King’s scholarship, the Thai government scholarship and the Japanese government scholarship all to study abroad to a masters or doctorate level. Out of school, I enjoy following and doing sports including fitness activities, cycling round the countryside of Thailand, swimming and cheering for Tottenham Hotspur.

Marshall Owen

Marketing Director

  • BS in Business Accounting, Minor in Economics – California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Cambridge CELTA – International House Bangkok

My name is Marshall and I am 28 years old from California in the U.S. I take care of the marketing, day to day running of the school, and advising clients on their programs of study. I received my BS in Business Administration with a minor in Economics from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. I lived and taught in Costa Rica for half a year which gave me a passion for new cultures and travel. This passion led me to Thailand at the beginning of 2013. I took my CELTA shortly thereafter and started working for International House in March of 2013. I changed jobs to become the Marketing Director in 2014. A majority of my time in Bangkok is spent exploring the city or with friends in good restaurants.

Although I rarely teach now, I can teach Science, Math, Economics, Business, and History.

Our Teachers

Tom Duerden

Tom Duerden

Director of Studies

  • BSc (hons) Environmental Science, University of Chester, England.
  • Cambridge Delta – International House Bangkok
  • Cambridge CELTA – International House Bangkok

I’m 36 years old and from Chester in England. I have been a dedicated member of the IH teaching team since I completed my CELTA in 2012.  I have an extensive range of teaching experience with all levels, from very young learners to adults. Thanks to the world-class teacher training I have received from International House Bangkok, I received a distinction for my practical teaching assessment on the Cambridge Delta. I have since become Director of Studies and an IH CYLT course tutor. This ongoing training and support is one of the main reasons I continue to work at International House Bangkok.  I firmly believe that our investment in professional development enables our school to offer language education that is second to none.

During my time as an English language teacher, I have become increasingly fascinated with the process of language acquisition. Between classes, I enjoy researching linguistics and various teaching methods in order to keep up to date and expand my knowledge. This curiosity and passion for learning extends to the classroom, where I am constantly trying to push my teaching ability and create the best possible conditions for my students to extend and develop their English language skills. In terms of my teaching methodology, I am very interested in more experimental forms of teaching such as Dogme and the lexical approach. I have found that language learning is most successful when it is grounded in a communicative and supportive environment, allowing the students to personalise the language and express themselves confidently.

My skills and experiences ensure that I can also teach IGCSE biology. I am a natural world enthusiast and a keen photographer/ videographer. I have volunteered for projects all over the world including sea turtle conservation in the Caribbean and in Thailand since 2006. At present, I have limited time for voluntary work but take great delight in exploring Thailand’s amazing national parks where I can study, photograph and film wildlife.

Leslie Cunningham

Leslie Cunningham

Senior Teacher / Corporate Trainer

  • BA (Hons) in History – Open University
  • Cambridge CELTA – International House Bangkok
  • Cambridge Delta – International House Bangkok

Hello, my name’s Leslie, I’m from Manchester, England and have a BA in History from the Open University. I am the Senior Teacher here at IH Bangkok. It is my job to assign teachers to students, set course schedules and help teachers with any needs they may have. I got my Cambridge CELTA in October 2014 and have been working here at International House since then.

As well as being Senior Teacher here at IH, I am also the company’s Corporate Trainer, and in the years I have worked here I have taught classes with companies like Cathay Pacific, ABC Tech and Kerry Express, among others. My experience ranges from teaching all ages, levels and nationalities from across four continents, in classes including General English, Business English and exam preparation. I can also teach GCSE History.

Over the last two years I have gained valuable experience and learned a lot of what works and what doesn’t in the classroom. My classes tend to focus heavily on what the students want to say and encouraging them to share views and opinions with one another, while I focus on showing them how to say what they want, and help them with clarification when required.

In my free time I enjoy travelling, both in and out of Thailand. Studying history is also a passion of mine, as well as reading and writing. But I feel lucky to be able to say I also really enjoy my job, and being able to do it here in Thailand is an amazing bonus!

Richie Berry

Richie Berry

  • BA – Educational Studies – University of Hull, England
  • Cambridge CELTA – International House Bangkok

Hi everybody, my name is Richie and I’m 34. It’s a pleasure to meet you all!

I come from Leeds in England. My interests include travelling; I love to seek new experiences and learn about cultures that are different from my own, which is one of the reasons for moving to Thailand. I also love sports, health and fitness; I worked as a personal trainer before I moved to Thailand. I have a BA Hons degree in Educational Studies from the University of Hull.

Even though I love health and fitness, I decided that I wanted to motivate and inspire others in a different way; by teaching English. Inspiring and motivating learners to achieve their individual goals, and helping them flourish as confident and fluent English speakers, is something I am very passionate about. There is nothing more rewarding than watching students join in classroom activities and using language in authentic ways. As such, creating a learning environment where students feel comfortable and relaxed is very important to me.

Before I completed my CELTA at IH Bangkok in 2017, I had two years’ experience teaching a diverse range of students at a language centre in Nonthaburi. I am really excited about teaching at IH Bangkok and learning from teachers and students alike!

Intuorn Hudson

Intuorn Hudson

  • BA – English and Related Literature, University of York
  • Cambridge CELTA – International House Chiang Mai

Hello! My name is Intuorn and I’m 22 years old. I grew up near York in England. An interesting fact about my background is that I have a Thai mother and an English father. I have a degree in English and Related Literature from the University of York.

After university I decided to dabble in Marketing and PR in central London, however I found this type of work uninspiring. I realised that I wanted to do something more significant and worthwhile, and having always enjoyed teaching, I decided that teaching English as a foreign language would fulfil this desire. Considering my family background, Thailand was my country of choice. I chose to complete my CELTA certification at IH Chiang Mai and started teaching at IH Bangkok a month later!

So far, I’ve loved everything about teaching at IH Bangkok. In my class I like to make sure that my students feel comfortable and they are all involved in each activity. I really enjoy having my students discover language and then use it in the classroom.

The students in Thailand are extremely warm and friendly and it makes for a great learning environment. The most important thing for me in my lessons is to recreate this comforting atmosphere, as it ensures that my students are more willing to participate and unafraid to make mistakes. In my free time I love to catch up with my family and friends and explore the nooks and crannies of Bangkok. I’m also brushing up on my Thai language skills!

Lindsay Nighjoy

Lindsay Nighjoy

  • BA Commerce, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
  • Cambridge CELTA – International House Bangkok

Hi I am Lindsay and I am 33 years old from Sydney, Australia. I received a Bachelor in Commerce from the University Of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

While completing my CELTA here at IH Bangkok I learnt the value of a communicative, student-centred approach to language learning. One of the things I enjoy most about teaching is meeting students from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures, all with an interesting story to tell. I’m very proud to work with the professional and dedicated team here at IH Bangkok.

After working as a financial administrator in Sydney, I was offered an opportunity to work and live overseas, teaching English in Japan to students of various levels and ages. This was a fantastic experience that ignited my passion for travel and languages. After returning to Australia for a few years, I again had the opportunity to travel, taking an extended holiday to Bolivia and Peru in South America. This experience shaped my desire to pursue a new direction, teaching English abroad.In my free time I enjoy watching movies, trying new food and learning about history.

Shannon O'Neal

Shannon O’Neal

  • BA in Psychology – North Carolina State University
  • Cambridge CELTA – International House Bangkok

Hello! My name’s Shannon and I’m 35 years old from North Carolina in the US. I have a degree in psychology from North Carolina State University. During the course of my degree I focused on educational psychology and learning processes. I worked with the HELPS literacy program – a non-profit organized and developed through evidence-based research to improve fluency among young learners.

My desire to teach and travel led me to Bangkok where I completed the Cambridge CELTA course at International House. Once I received my certification, I immediately began teaching at International House because I liked the school and staff so much!

I enjoy helping students achieve their language goals and getting to know my students is one of my favorite aspects of teaching. I have a great sense of humor and I really like to make my students laugh while they’re learning.  In my free time I enjoy playing golf and cooking. I also love listening to music and playing guitars and the keyboard.

Jennie Roylston

Jennie Roylston

  • BA (Hons) Hispanic Studies, Minor in English – East Carolina University, Greenville NC
  • Cambridge CELTA – International House Bangkok

Hi, I’m Jennie and I’m from Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States. I graduated with a degree in Hispanic Studies with a focus on the Spanish language and a minor in English. I have always had a passion for language and I believe language learning can open doors for people from all areas of life. Having experienced the struggle and accomplishment of learning a second language myself, I know firsthand the value that a new language can bring into a student’s life. I decided to go into the field of English teaching after working as a volunteer teacher and experiencing both the joys and struggles of this job. Of course my adventurous side, which loves to travel, encouraged me to make the decision to move to Thailand to pursue teaching as well.

Completing the CELTA helped me to grow professionally as an English teacher and better prepared me to give my students the best education I can. I believe that connecting with students on a personal level is important for their English language improvement and strengthens the overall learning experience. I have experience teaching students of all ages from very young, having not yet started school to older adults. In addition to General English classes, I have experience teaching Business English,GED test prep, and a few other exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, and TOEIC. To me, communication is one of the most magical things about being human and so it is important to me to help students develop their skills while on their way to learning English.

Outside of teaching, I really enjoy the arts and especially visiting fine art museums as well as the graffiti’d concrete walls of big cities. I love trying out new food and restaurants and have a desire to see the whole world, one trip at a time.

James Isaksen

James Isaksen

  • BA (Hons) Social Anthropology, The University of Manchester, England
  • Cambridge CELTA – International House Bangkok

Hi, my name’s James from England, and I’m 30 years old. I have always been very interested in different cultures and this led me to complete a degree in Social Anthropology.

Most of my career I have worked in sales and management and this culminated in growing a start-up business providing educational training to underprivileged young people and ex-offenders in the UK. This experience ignited my passion for helping people and demonstrated the importance of education in people’s lives. I then decided I would like to combine my passion for teaching, education and culture and become a qualified English teacher.

I have loved my experience so far in Thailand and believe IH Bangkok provides an excellent combination of high quality teaching within a friendly atmosphere where students feel relaxed and are encouraged to be creative and communicative. My favourite part of teaching is getting to know my students and helping them increase their confidence and enthusiasm for learning English. I like to provoke discussion amongst my students because if they feel passionate about what they’re talking about, the language comes naturally.

My passions outside of work are health and fitness, travelling, movies and food!

James Calalang

James Calalang

  • BA Sociology – University of Sheffield, England
  • Cambridge CELTA – International House Chiang Mai

My name’s James, I’m from London, England and I studied Sociology at the University of Sheffield in the UK. Having worked for local government offices in England for a number of years, I acquired the Cambridge Celta qualification from International House Chiang Mai, where I was subsequently hired to teach in Bangkok.

I have a real passion for delivering personalised, communicative and interesting lessons to my students. I’ve taught a broad range of classes including general English at all levels, young learners, exam preparation for IELTS, TOEFL and CU-TEP, one to one tuition and corporate business classes to companies all over Bangkok. What I particularly enjoy about my job is meeting a wide variety of students, from all around the world and helping them to achieve their goals.

In my free time I try to explore as much as possible, I was lucky enough to travel for over 22 months and although I don’t have as much time to go away for long periods, I still like to find and experience new things. I’m a keen photographer and enjoy doing street, travel, events and portraiture. When I’m not eating my way through all of Thailand’s vast and delicious cuisine, I can also be found in a Muay Thai gym or surfing while I try to work off the calories!


Our Teacher Trainers

Matt Parks

Matt Parks

  • BA Honours in South East Asian Studies, University of London
  • DELTA, Oxford House College, London
  • CELTA Trainer Approval, Oxford House College, London, UK

I was born in London. After completing a B.A. in South East Asian Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia where I taught at an English language school. After that, I taught English language courses in London and Istanbul before becoming involved in teacher training in 2006. In 2007 I began working as a CELTA tutor in London before moving to Thailand in 2008. My hobbies include running, playing football and reading about contemporary South East Asian history.

Barry Nonweiler

Barry Nonweiler

  • MA Honours in English and Drama, Glasgow University
  • CTEFLA, Hammersmith & West London College
  • DTEFLA, Waltham Forest College, London
  • CELTA Trainer Approval, Capital Language Academy, Wellington, New Zealand

I was born in England and educated in Ireland and Scotland. I started my teaching career as a university lecturer in English literature in Wellington and then Melbourne but I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language since 1987, first in Spain and later in London. I became a CELTA trainer in 1996 and since then, I have trained in Greece, New Zealand, Thailand and Vietnam. I dream of having breaks between CELTA courses long enough to play the piano, to walk in mountains, to watch live performances of 17th and 20th century drama and to get back to writing fiction again. In practice, I am usually only able to spend my spare time deep inside books and trying the patience of my partner.


Tim Brown

  • BA (Hons) PPE, Oxford University, UK
  • MMUS Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK
  • Trinity TESOL, Windsor Schools, UK
  • Cambridge DELTA, IH Bangkok, Thailand

My name’s Tim and I started teaching English as a foreign language in 1995, when I spent 2 years on the JET programme teaching Junior High School students. It made me realise the need for some proper training and I ended up doing the Trinity College TESOL certificate in 1999. After that I moved to Russia and spent over 10 years teaching general and business English to all levels, both groups and one to one.

I also studied music in Russia, doing a degree in vocal studies at the Russian Gnesins’ Academy of Music to add to my BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University in the UK. I later also did an MMUS in the UK at the Royal Northern College of Music.

I extended my TEFL qualifications by taking the inaugural DELTA at IH Bangkok in 2011, which led to a job at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok followed by coming back to IH in 2014 to become a CELTA trainer.

I’m interested in teaching EAP (English for Academic Purposes) and helping students prepare for the IELTS exam.

I love opera and ballet, which is rather rare in Bangkok, where I’ve begun to do more exercise, getting into swimming and badminton.

Gary Steven

  • MA English Literature and Philosophy- Glasgow, UK
  • MPhil Creative Writing
  • Cambridge CELTA- Krakow, Poland
  • Cambridge DELTA- Budapest, Hungary
  • Cambridge CELTA Trainer approval, Cambridge, UK

My name is Gary and I got into teaching through a desire to live abroad and see as much of the world as I could. This has allowed me to travel to and live in a range of countries in Europe and Asia. I’ve spent more than ten years getting to know different places and after starting in Asia, spending a long time in Europe, I’m now happy to try Asia again.

Along the way, I discovered that teaching was something I enjoyed and that I could be good at. I’ve taught young children, teens and adults but the teaching I’ve found most rewarding is preparing adults for exams or university students for academic study. I’ve been lucky to have colleagues from around the world and great training courses provided by schools in the IH World network (one to one teaching, younger learners teaching, and language awareness courses). Eventually, that led to me taking the Cambridge DELTA in Hungary and becoming a CELTA tutor a short time later.

Since then, I’ve trained teachers in Hungary, Spain, France and Thailand. I like to encourage an approach where the teacher’s agenda acts as a platform for ‘helping people to communicate’. I think learners are happiest and most successful when they are encouraged and supported in expressing something of themselves in the second language.

When I’m not training or teaching, I like to spend time with a good book, learning more about history, science or language.

Adam Bejsovec

  • TESOL – Aston, Birmingham, UK
  • Cambridge DELTA – Istanbul, Turkey
  • Cambridge Delta Trainer approval, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Cambridge CELTA Trainer approval, Almaty, Kazakhstan

My name’s Adam and I’m an enthusiastic and dedicated ELT professional with expertise in teaching, teacher training and development, as well as in academic management. I did the Cambridge Delta in 2008 and got my master’s degree in TESOL. I also have a Diploma in ELT Management and I continue developing in this area (I recently completed a course in YL centre management with IH London). I love languages, linguistics and the diversity my job involves as well as having the chance to work and network with so many interesting professionals from IH, and the field in general.

My almost twenty years of teaching experience spans all age groups (from 3 y.o. to adults) and levels (pre-A1 to C2); teaching individuals as well as groups of various sizes. Apart from General English, I enjoy teaching different strands such exam classes (Cambridge Exams, IELTS, TOEFL etc.), ESP, EAP and Business English.

I’ve been tutoring on a range of courses starting from pre-service TKT, CELTA, Delta as well as courses for teaching young and very young learners (IHCYLT or IHVYL) in several European and Asian countries.  Apart from face-to-face courses I’ve been tutoring various blended and online courses including IH DoS, IH BET, IH CAM or Delta M1 & 3 courses.

I am convinced that teaching and teacher training should be done in an interactive, communicative way and in contexts which are meaningful and directly relevant to learners and teachers respectively. I strongly believe in CPD, individual approach and localisation of teaching and training while maintaining and exceeding the set standards.

My work has always been my hobby so the boundaries between my working and free time have been quite blurred. Apart from the ELT, I love cooking & even more eating, bowling, Turkish & Scandinavian literature and movies, and an occasional run and swim.