Private Courses and Small Groups

IH Bangkok’s Private Courses and Small Groups

Private English Lessons in Bangkok

Our General English classes for private individuals or small groups are designed with each individual student in mind. Focusing on the four key skills, reading, listening, writing, and speaking, we are able to tailor the course so that it meets your, or your small group’s, precise needs. So, if you are very strong on writing English but not so strong on speaking English, a 20 hour General English course at IH Bangkok will give you the structure and materials you need in order to speak English accurately and confidently.

We would recommend that you and maybe your friends too, choose a private 1:1 or small group class if:

  • You have different English language needs than those taught in our General English classes.
  • You are not able to study English at the same time as the General English classes.
  • You prefer to study English at a different speed to that taught in our General English classes.
  • You prefer to study English on your own or with a small group of friends.

To find out how IH Bangkok can help you, send us a message and book your free assessment test today.