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Online and Face-to-Face Tutors For those considering the IH Bangkok Net Language online tutor and face-to-face options: What will my tutor...

Online and Face-to-Face Tutors

International House Bangkok Online Classes

For those considering the IH Bangkok Net Language online tutor and face-to-face options:

What will my tutor do?

For each of the ten units in your level your tutor will:

  • Send you written corrections and comments for the two writing tutorials in each unit. With ten units a level that is twenty written tutorials.
  • Have a 20-30 minute speaking tutorial with you in each of the ten units and send a written feedback with a mark.
  • Send you feedback on pronunciation exercises.
  • Answer any questions you might have about the course.
  • Motivate and encourage you throughout the course.

Why is it important to have an online tutor?

Your highly-qualified and experienced tutor will not only help you with your written work, your speaking and pronunciation, but also make your Net Languages course an enjoyable, unforgettable and above all rewarding experience.  After all, our tutors:

  • Are all native English speakers.
  • Are all, at least Cambridge CELTA or Trinity TESOL qualified.
  • All have a bachelor degree from a reputable university in an English speaking country.
  • Are all experienced in teaching English to all ages and abilities.
  • Also have qualifications in other business areas, including accountancy, finance and international business, mechanical engineering, investment management and real estate.

What are the benefits of including Face-to-Face learning?

Although today’s technology makes it possible to learn online when you have time, from the place of your choice, we also recognise that face-to-face learning is still at the heart of teaching.  By combining both online learning and traditional teaching, your studying will be:

  • More effective – Our qualified teachers help you by reinforcing those English language skills you’ve learnt online.
  • More accurate – Our native English speaking teachers are able to help you to speak like a native English speaker.
  • More enjoyable – Our interactive lessons are planned to make your learning experience enjoyable and informative.

Why not find out how IH Bangkok Net Languages can help you?  Click here to take your free level test or contact us at [email protected].