IH Bangkok Teachers’ Club

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International House Bangkok Teachers’ Club

The Teachers’ Club provides regular work-shops, aimed at teachers in Bangkok who want continual professional development. The sessions are run by an experienced CELTA, DELTA or Young Learner teacher-trainer with many years’ experience in different teaching contexts.

Each work-shop focuses on exploring a different area of teaching and are designed to be as practical as possible, giving the participants useful take-away ideas, activities, techniques and handouts to use in their classes with their learners.

The sessions are conducted in an informal atmosphere with refreshments provided before and after the work-shops, encouraging participants to network with other educators and make contacts within the industry.

Anyone who would like to attend, please contact Matt on 02-632 6790 or email at matt@ihbangkok.com.


Upcoming Events in 2017

Workshop 5: Materials Light Teaching

Outline: A new workshop on how to build effective lessons with very little preparation and planning. This sessions looks at some simple techniques to get your students engaged and practising language with nothing more than some scrap paper! These activities demonstrated will be suitable for young learners, teenagers and adults, and can be used in a variety of lesson contexts. This will be a very practical session with lots of useful ideas and activities to take away and use.

When: Wednesday March 29th 2017

Time: 18:00 – 19:30

Where: International House Bangkok, Silom

Cost: 200 baht, which includes:

  • Session notes
  • Session activities
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Refreshments provided beforehand and afterwards

To register: Email matt@ihbangkok.com

Presenter bio: Tom is the Director of Studies at IH Bangkok and is also an IH World Young Learner teacher-trainer. Tom has worked as a senior teacher at IH Bangkok and has over 5 years teaching experience in Thailand and Taiwan.


Past Events

February 24th

Workshop 4: Lead-ins and Warmers

A new year, a new start and a new workshop on how to start lessons in a motivating and fun way. This session looks at the importance of creating meaningful engagement at the start of lessons and demonstrates a variety of activities that cater to different learning styles. The activities demonstrated will be suitable for teenagers and adults and can be used in different lesson contexts. Again this will be a very practical session with lots of useful ideas and activities to take away and use. Please note that for January this session will be on Friday not Wednesday.

December 14th

Work-Shop 3: Developing speaking skills

This session looks at how to make the most of speaking opportunities in the lesson. We will look at how in the design and in the set-up of speaking activities we can create the need and importantly the motivation for students to speak and to speak at length. We will also demonstrate a variety of activities that teachers can re-use in a range of lesson contexts. The activities demonstrated will be suitable for teenagers and adults, but the principles behind the activities will apply to all ages.

November 9th

Work-Shop 2: Pronunciation techniques and activities for Thai students

This is a very practical session that looks at the problems Thai learners have with English pronunciation. We will explore a range of techniques both for raising awareness of this problem with the learner, and also for enabling learners to practice and improve their pronunciation. This will highlight a range of engaging and fun tasks that teachers can provide for their learners in the classroom.

September 28th

Work-Shop 1: Games and Activities for Teens and Young Learners

This is a very practical session that looks at the characteristics of different young learner age groups. We will explore what makes lessons more or less appealing to different age groups and how to cater to their different needs and learning preferences. Throughout the session we will demonstrate a range of take-away activities and games that make language learning positive, enjoyable and motivating.