CELTA Course Dates

Course Dates

Young Learners and Teens = IH Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teens Advanced Methodology = IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology Grammar Refresher = IH Bangkok Grammar Refresher Course

Many places available 4-6 places available 1-3 places available FULL

Schedule of Courses to be Run in 2016

Course Name Course from Course to Course Location
Young Learners and Teens 05 October 3rd October 14th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 214 October 6th October 7th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 215 October 6th October 7th Chiang Mai
CELTA Part-Time October 4th December 10th Bangkok
CELTA 214 October 10th November 4th Bangkok
CELTA 215 October 10th November 4th Chiang Mai
Delta 010 October 10th December 2nd Chiang Mai
Grammar Refresher 216 November 10th November 11th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 217 November 10th November 11th Chiang Mai
CELTA 216 November 14th December 9th Bangkok
CELTA 217 November 14th December 9th Chiang Mai

Schedule of Courses to be Run in 2017

Course Name Course from Course to Course Location
Grammar Refresher 218 January 5th January 6th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 219 January 5th January 6th Chiang Mai
CELTA 218 January 9th February 3rd Bangkok
CELTA 219 January 9th February 3rd Chiang Mai
Part-Time CELTA 102 January 31st April 8th Bangkok
CELTA 220 February 6th March 3rd Bangkok
CELTA 221 February 6th March 3rd Chiang Mai
Young Learners and Teens 06 March 6th March 17th Chiang Mai
Delta 011 March 6th May 5th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 222 March 9th March 10th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 223 March 9th March 10th Chiang Mai
CELTA 222 March 13th April 7th Bangkok
CELTA 223 March 13th April 7th Chiang Mai
Young Learners and Teens 07 April 17th April 28th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 224 April 20th April 21st Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 225 April 20th April 21st Chiang Mai
CELTA 224 April 24th May 19th Bangkok
CELTA 225 April 24th May 19th Chiang Mai
Grammar Refresher 226 May 25th May 26th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 227 May 25th May 26th Chiang Mai
CELTA 226 May 29th June 23rd Bangkok
CELTA 227 May 29th June 23rd Chiang Mai
Grammar Refresher 228 June 29th June 30th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 229 June 29th June 30th Chiang Mai
CELTA 228 July 3rd July 28th Bangkok
CELTA 229 July 3rd July 28th Chiang Mai
CELTA 230 July 3rd July 28th Phuket
Advanced Methodology 004 July 26th December 6th Bangkok
CELTA 231 July 31st August 25th Bangkok
CELTA 232 July 31st August 25th Chiang Mai
Grammar Refresher 233 August 31st September 1st Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 234 August 31st September 1st Chiang Mai
CELTA 233 September 4th September 29th Bangkok
CELTA 234 September 4th September 29th Chiang Mai
Young Learners and Teens 08 October 2nd October 13th Bangkok
CELTA Part Time October 3rd December 9th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 235 October 5th October 6th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 236 October 5th October 6th Chiang Mai
CELTA 235 October 9th November 3rd Bangkok
CELTA 236 October 9th November 3rd Chiang Mai
Delta 012 October 9th December 1st Chiang Mai
Grammar Refresher 237 November 9th November 10th Bangkok
Grammar Refresher 238 November 9th November 10th Chiang Mai
CELTA 237 November 13th December 8th Bangkok
CELTA 238 November 13th December 8th Chiang Mai

* Please refer to the IH CYLT page for more information about exact dates and number of occasions. ** Please refer to the IH CAM page for more information about exact dates and number of occasions.