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If you want a job that allows you to live and travel anywhere in the world, becoming a TEFL teacher might be the profession for you. An important thing for new teachers or teachers looking to further their career is figuring out what TEFL course will help you become a great teacher and get you a great job. Before you take your first step, here are a few things to consider:

  • CELTA, TEFL, TESOL – What’s the difference?
  • Post-Course Job Search
  • Quality of the Course and Centre

CELTA, TEFL, TESOL – What’s the difference?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. There are many TEFL certificates from as many providers. These vary widely in cost and quality and you should research carefully before choosing one. TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is another umbrella term similar to TEFL, and encompasses many different certificates from many different providers. As there are so many different certificates, courses, and providers, it can be challenging to ensure that the one you choose is of a high quality. Employers also understand how many different types of courses there are and if they have multiple candidates, choose the one with a TEFL certificate that they’ve heard of. This is what sets the Cambridge CELTA and Trinity TESOL apart from most other TEFL/TESOL certificates.

Both the Cambridge CELTA and Trinity TESOL have a significant practical component – you will teach 6 hours of real lessons and get feedback and support on each. Importantly, every single Cambridge CELTA and Trinity TESOL course is moderated by external Cambridge or Trinity assessors. The Cambridge CELTA and Trinity TESOL are the most respected and recognized TEFL (or TESOL) certificates around the world because employers and schools know that these graduates took a course that has to be high in quality. If you opt for an online certificate or one from a less well-known provider, you may find that it is not sufficient for a job in many countries. Often times these teachers then end up paying again later to do a better course. There are other TEFL certificates outside of the CELTA and Trinity TESOL that are high quality, but these two are by far the most recognized worldwide. Simply put, the Cambridge CELTA and Trinity TESOL are the only TEFL/TESOL certificates that can get you an English teaching job anywhere.


Post-Course Job Search

The most important consideration when choosing a TEFL certificate type is which one will allow you to become a great teacher and get a quality job. In many countries, Thailand included, there is a huge range in the quality of teaching jobs available. Some schools have better pay, better support from management, better materials, and classes that don’t have 40+ students. While other schools can be so bad that the teachers don’t finish their first year’s contract. Similar to other occupations, the best English teaching jobs will go to the most qualified.

Graduates from CELTA courses at International House always go to the top of my candidate list as the trainers there do a great job providing the skills and knowledge that are essential for quality ESL teaching. Wall Street English Thailand has many IH CELTA grads in its teaching and management teams and if people want to work with WSE but lack a ESL course qualification, I always recommend the IH CELTA course

  • Stuart Clarke – Teacher Recruitment Specialist, Wall Street English


Quality of the Course and Centre

This is another important thing to consider: There are a lot of really good teacher training centres in the world and there are a lot of bad ones. Just like in any industry, some focus only on profit while some focus on quality. The reason that CELTA and Trinity TESOL are more respected by employers than regular TEFL certificates is that these centres are continually assessed by Cambridge or Trinity College. If you go to a regular TEFL centre the quality may be great, horrible, or somewhere in between. When you go to a CELTA or Trinity TESOL centre, you know that they are licensed through Cambridge or Trinity College and will be, at the very minimum, a good centre with a good course.


Choosing the CELTA with International House

We understand that you have countless options for a TEFL certificate and IH Bangkok or IH Chiang Mai might not be possible for you to study at. We would love for you take your CELTA with us but most importantly we don’t want you to waste your time, effort, and money on a TEFL course that won’t actually teach you anything. We hope the above information showed just how important it is to do your research before choosing a course and centre.

Below we will provide more information on what makes our centres a great choice:

International House London actually wrote the CELTA course in 1962 and then gave it to the University of Cambridge to administer and run. International House is the main Cambridge CELTA training centre almost everywhere in the world. Whether you are in London, Mexico, Australia, or Thailand, you know that the local International House can teach you what you need to become a great teacher.

At International House Bangkok and Chiang Mai, we have a dedicated team of professional trainers who have been teachers for many years and have been trainers for even longer. All our trainers are Delta qualified and have undergone rigorous training moderated by Cambridge University English. Furthermore, our trainers are used to working with trainees from all backgrounds and have a proven track record of getting trainees through the course and helping teachers reach their full potential. People always say it’s an intensive course but they also say it’s one of the best learning experiences of their lives – you learn a lot in just 4 weeks.

We always recommend that you do your own research. There are many centres in the world and we want you to feel comfortable with whatever centre you end up choosing. If you have any specific questions about our course, centre, or the TEFL Training world in general, please click here to send us a message or email us at [email protected].