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FAQs for Learners

Frequently Asked Questions

Why come to Thailand and study English?
English is spoken throughout Bangkok and many people use it in their daily lives. So when you come here you will need English to help you get around the city. Also when you meet friends from Brazil, Russia, Japan, Italy etc. in order to talk together you’ll all have to speak in English. Therefore you will discover that you will need to speak English every day in lots of different situations. Also when you are not studying, you can go to Thailand’s beautiful beaches and jungles. This is a great way improve your English and visit a beautiful country as well. So come and have a fantastic holiday in an amazing city while you learn and practise English.
What’s so special about IH Bangkok?
The International House World Organisation has been around longer than most other schools. International House Bangkok is in a great location in one of the world’s most exciting cities, Bangkok. Our courses are taken by hundreds of students from Thailand and around the world, so there are lots of international students at the school, not just Thai. But most importantly we have qualified teachers who are professional, patient and fun. Come and enjoy an amazing time in Thailand with dedicated English teachers.
What level am I?
We can test you on line and interview you to find out what level you are. Don’t worry about the level test as we make it as friendly and informal as possible. Test yourself with our Online Placement Test for English!
If teachers don’t speak my language, how can they teach me?
We only use the target language in the classroom. All of our teachers are specially trained to teach you without using your native language.
How do I know International House Bangkok is a good school?
IH Bangkok must meet Quality Standards of the IH World Organisation which ensures that the quality of its teaching, resources and most importantly of all, its treatment of its students, is the best. International House Bangkok is known for the amount of students who succeed and tell others about us. The school is inspected every two years to ensure we deliver a high-quality standard of teaching.
How can I find out more?
Download our online brochure or contact us at