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As a successful hotel, you have to rely on the quality of your staff in order to make your guests’ stay as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.  A major factor in this is being able to understand your guests’ requests and to provide them with the right information.  With English being the major world language, it is very important that all your staff, from maintenance to reception, can communicate with your guests.

IH Bangkok is delighted to introduce two unique English courses, designed to help you and your staff communicate effectively with your guests:

  • Heart of the House - Focusing on your staff who have some contact with your guests, such as maintenance staff and housekeepers, the course will build their confidence by teaching them:
    • To use simple sentences in English.
    • To understand and answer simple questions.
    • To make and receive requests.
    • To describe states of being.
  • Front of the House - Focusing on your staff who have regular contact with your guests, such as receptionists, waiting and bar staff.  The course will teach them to:
    • Give directions, advice, suggestions and recommendations.
    • Use more complex grammar in everyday situations.
    • Describe people, places and things.
    • Greet your guests, use telephone English correctly and handle complaints.

 Both courses also contain two special features that we believe will be of real benefit to you, your staff and your guests:

  • Cultural Awareness:  Both courses will also focus on developing your staff’s awareness of the cultural differences between English speakers and Thais in order for your guests’ actions to be fully understood.  This will include:
    • Courteous Language and how to use it.
    • Taboos – What not to ask for or talk about.
    • Total language – Understanding tone and body language together.
  • Secret Shopper:  At various times during the course an unknown member of our native English speaking teaching team will come into your hotel and talk with your staff.  The topics will always be on a subject that has recently been taught.  The advantage of this is:
    • You can check the progress of your staff in a real life situation.
    • We can focus on language, ideas and concepts that may need extra attention.
    • You will have peace of mind that the course is of direct benefit to your hotel.

 IH Bangkok can deliver these unique courses to you because:

  • All of our teachers are native English speakers.
  • All of our teachers are fully qualified.
  • All of our teachers have an understanding of Thai and native English speaking cultures.

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